Our Vision

Family, Academics, Motivation, and Environment — “F.A.M.E.”

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Our Vision

Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE) aims to prepare young men for individual excellence through our core principles of FAMILY, ACADEMICS, MOTIVATION, and ENVIRONMENT (F.A.M.E.) towards becoming viable world citizens.

Our Mission

ACE is built upon the premise of serving young men from historically under served populations. Specifically targeting African American, African Diaspora, Latino/Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and Native American males. At ACE, young men will learn compassion and understanding, a strong educational and cultural foundation, the value of perseverance and determination, and how to use their individual talents for the greater good in their community. Young men of ACE will be able to answer the existential question of, "Who Am I?" with a resounding answer of, "I AM EXCELLENCE!"

Who We Serve

The Academy for Creating Excellence (ACE) is built upon the premise of serving the traditionally under served students in our academic and social system. ACE Academy currently operates in the following School Districts:

  • Highline,

  • Renton, and

  • Seattle

as well as serves young men in partnership with Goodwill of Seattle. ACE is in its second of a three year Summer Learning Program Grant through the City of Seattle in partnership with Southshore K-8. 

Our Curriculum

With its emphasis on individual and collective excellence through, culturally aware curriculum based in, exploration of society, science, math, and technology.  ACE Academy challenges and enriches young men to think critically and seek creative solutions to problems in an atmosphere that promotes respect for all, collaboration, and hands-on learning.

Our Approach

We are committed to creating a diverse learning environment and celebrating the accomplishments of young men within the school, the greater community, and the world. Our signature approach is to nurture the talents of each student through individualized learning plans combined with curricula specifically designed for the ways young men learn best.